Obsessed (Lila Casey Series Book 1) by J Collins

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Obsessed (Lila Casey Series Book 1) by J Collins

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Genre – Paranormal Romance

Page Count – 218 pages

Cover Designer – Anya Kelleye

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21318142-obsessed

Lila Casey has always been fascinated with vampire fiction, an escape from an average day-to-day life. A chance meeting with gorgeous Adam Drake plunges Lila into a world of real-life vampires, passion, true love… and danger…

Because unfortunately another, deadlier, vampire has taken a shine to Lila, and he’ll stop at nothing to hunt her down, his plans for her darker and more evil than anything she could imagine. Now it’s up to Adam and his friends to protect Lila while they try to hunt the hunter, and save her from her hideous fate.

Can they find him before he finds her?


Having read as many paranormal romance and supernatural series as possible, J Collins felt a world developing in her mind and sat in front of her laptop. She’d written many different subjects and genres in the past, but nothing had come together quite like this vampire world she’d begun creating.

The character of Lila Casey is loosely based on the writer; if the writer indeed had the guts and sassiness Lila does. The writer’s love of all things vampire, and of rock and goth music, became intertwined with this series, and fueled the hours and hours of writing in the early hours of the morning.

Born and raised in England, J Collins wanted to create something quintessentially English in its language, settings, and humour, and she hopes she has done it justice.





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