Act II. Playing with Fire (Moore Family Saga Book 2) by Michele Sims – Review by Shannon Fowler

Act II. Playing with Fire (Moore Family Saga, #2)Act II. Playing with Fire by Michele Sims
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second story in the Moore Family Saga and it follows Act I, about seven years later. While it seems not much has changed for Lecia and Cade it really has. Cade is a rock star, Lecia the stay at home mom. It seems the only danger to this perfect family is themselves. Miles is growing and it seems he is more special than we first thought.

This storyline is easy to read and easy to follow. While the characters Lecia and Cade are likeable, I find that I don’t LOVE them…yet. They have poor communication skills with each other and as husband, wife, friends or lovers they really should be able to express themselves better. They may have avoided much conflict in their lives…oh, well…good job Sims, a story about how we are our own worst enemies! Don’t get me wrong, these two have to fight off much more than themselves. Some people, in stories and real life, just want what they can’t have! Plus having a son with such special abilities!

I recommended this saga and am looking forward to what Act III brings for this family.

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