Act II. Playing with Fire (Moore Family Saga Book 2) by Michele Sims – Review by Tausha Treadway

Act II. Playing with Fire (Moore Family Saga, #2)Act II. Playing with Fire by Michele Sims
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Act II. Playing with Fire (Moore Family Saga Book 2) by Michele Sims. This is the second installment in the Moore Family Saga. I have really enjoyed this series. Its the story of Cade & Lecia, Cade is a up and coming musician and is currently in Paris doing a gig. His brother Vincent back in the states is watching over Cade’s son Miles 7, who is showing signs of being able to to produce fire. Vincent is a member of The Network, a secret society with bottomless resources. He’s determined Miles’s abilities aren’t unique but a rare genetic mutation. Miles is very talented and can show a dark side as well. Cade & Lecia head back to the States to be with Miles when he becomes very ill. Miles gets better but its clear that he can’t continue the way they are. They find a facility for Miles that understands his condition and knows how to take care of him. Will they be able to keep Mile’s dark side from coming out? Will Cade & Lecia’s love be enough to keep them together thru the trials of Miles? Will this ruin Cade’s musicial career that’s just taking off? Read Act II to find out!

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