Blackbird’s Deliverance (Silent Secrets Series Book 4) by Lisette Kristensen – Review by Erica Fish

Blackbird's Deliverance (Book Four)Blackbird’s Deliverance by Lisette Kristensen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blackbird’s Deliverance is the fourth book in the Silent Secrets Series by Lisette Kristensen, Her stories are always a good read. She hooks the readers at the very beginning. It is that hook that makes you want to finish the book. I love reading her stories because she likes to have women characters being the heros. She builds the characters story up from the beginning and with every story, Blackbird gets stronger and more of a bad mama jammer. One thing was for sure at some point and time, Blackbird’s past life would catch up with her present life. Will Blackbird handle the internal struggles or will it break her to pieces? Can she move forward with her new love interest?

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