Revenge (Least Likely Suspect Book 1) by Cooper McKenzie – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Least Likely Suspect: RevengeLeast Likely Suspect: Revenge by Cooper McKenzie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a gripping story which had me hooked from the first line and I literally could not put this book down. In order for retired school teacher Samantha Wycoff to get justice for the murder of her son Thomas she must do the unthinkable. Samantha knows that Thomas’s girlfriend Velvet is guilty of her sons murder but as she has an alibi, although a fake one and there were no witnesses the police and the courts can not do anything. Then a childhood friend of her sons Micah Kerrick offers to help her but in return she must join his team of government troubleshooters. After all a church going retired schoolteacher who does voluntary work is never going to be suspected of any crime. As Samantha decides whether to join Micah’s Misfits in order to gain justice for Thomas, in the background Micah’s handler is not so happy with this unusual agreement and she could find herself in danger of being terminated. The exciting storyline had me happily turning the pages of this novel and the plot twist kept me guessing until the end. I felt engaged with the characters especially Samantha and this helped me feel immersed in her story and I really felt her need to get justice for her son. This book stayed with me after I had finished reading it which to me is a sign of a great read.

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