Michael’s Heart by Lori Thomas Harrington – Review by Cindy Mayberry

Michael's HeartMichael’s Heart by Lori Thomas Harrington
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Michael’s Heart
Lori Thomas Harrington
A full length novel. You will find a heartwarming romance, as you read this incredible story. No spoilers in this review.

Colbie is the main character in this book. She loves her music, as well as the people around her. Take her journey as you read, but keep the tissue close by. You will find that Colbie is fighter and will remain strong, no matter what life throws at her. Come along and read her story. It is one you won’t soon forget. Find out what Michael and Colbie have in common.

Lori Thomas Harrington has written this story. It is well written and keeps you reading. This is a story you can’t put down. Her characters are people you would find in your neighborhood. Some are stronger than others, and you will shed a tear or two. These are people I’d like to meet, including Lori Thomas Harrington. I know you will love her book, as much as I did. Take the journey in this heartwarming story.

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