Queen of the Warrior Bees (Natural Forces Book 1) by Jean Gill – Review by Tausha Treadway

Queen of the Warrior Bees (Natural Forces #1)Queen of the Warrior Bees by Jean Gill
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Queen of the Warrior Bees (Natural Forces Book 1) by Jean Gill. I don’t normally like these types of books but this book is Amazing! I read through it as fast as I could. Its the story of 18 year old Mielitta who knows she’s different but doesn’t understand why. The Citadel where she lives is getting ready to to go to War with the Forest. She has been bullied her whole life by 2 boys in the Citadel named Bastien & Jannlou and as they get older it gets worse and more dangerous. She flees to the forbidden Forest and is attacked by thousands of bees. She survives the attack but has a glowing bee emblem on her leg. She finds out this empowers her to shape shift and summon the bees to help her and they can call her as well. Will Mielitta work with the bees as the battle between the Citadel and Forest to try and reunite them or will they fail? Read Queen of Bees to find out!

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