The Dreamer’s Vengeance by Helen Tyree – Review by Angela Hayes

The Dreamer's VengeanceThe Dreamer’s Vengeance by Helen Tyree
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


The Dreamers Vengeance is a really great fantasy by Helen Tyree. It has an original premise and the story was quite fascinating. I loved The Tunnel, and so I was quite excited when I discovered this book in my recommended books feed, I couldn’t one-click fast enough. As expected, the story is well written and the ‘world’ is beautifully crafted with vividly descriptive scene setting which brought it all to life.
The story was interesting, and I was intrigued to see where it would lead. It has a great pace and a fairly smooth flow- the only minor issue I had was that it became a little choppy as we moved from one perspective into another. And at times it wasn’t completely clear as to who was speaking, and I had to re-read bits to figure it out and then get back into the flow.
With prophecy, action, revenge, discovery, adventure, betrayal, surprising developments, emotion, and magic- this story made for a great read. I am looking forward to more from Ms. Tyree!

Thank you, Ms. Tyree!


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