Beau & Bett by Kathryn Berla – Review by Julie Lounello

Beau and BettBeau and Bett by Kathryn Berla
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beau & Bett by Kathryn Berla is a five star novel. This is my second novel by this author and I have loved them both! This was like a modern day yelling of Beauty and the Beast. The roles are reversed, but it still did the trick! When we are introduced to Beau, his family is struggling. With dad out of work and all the bills piling up and mom having an accident, Beau knows he needs to do something to help out. When he goes to the estate of the rich kid his mom had an accident with, he asks them for a job to pay the bill to fix the car. Little does he know how awful Bett can be. As he gets to know her more, he realizes there is much more to her life than just being an awful, spoiled rich girl.

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