Dangerously Close To Extinction (Knollville Legends Book 1) by C.A. King – Review by Angela Hayes

Dangerously Close To Extinction (Knollville Legends Book 1)Dangerously Close To Extinction by C.A. King
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Dangerously Close to Extinction is the first book in the Knollville Legends series by C.A. King. I have read all of Ms. Kings books now and have loved exploring all her work. She is definitely one of my ‘no questions asked, just one-click it, authors’. Her stories never disappoint, so I didn’t even read the blurb for this story- I just snatched up a copy as fast as I could. So, I really had no idea of what to expect going into the story. I didn’t even know it was the first book in a new series. I saw the beautiful, intriguing, and elegant cover- and Ms. King’s name, and I was sold. This book turned out to be a completely wonderful surprise, in all the right ways. A paranormal/shifter story with an original spin- full of secrets, history, rifts, feuds, mystery, drama, kidnap, missing persons, discoveries, and so much more.
Tawny’s father is missing- and there are ‘people’ hell-bent on finding him. She’s a little afraid, especially when she sees some eyes looking into her home one night. She’s heard stories of large animals in the area, so that’s a little disturbing, too. Then she’s pretty much kidnapped… What exactly is going on? What do these ‘people really want? What is so important? And how does her father fit into the picture? What happens when secrets are revealed, and Tawny learns the truth? Will she trust her instincts, and if she does will they lead her astray?
WOW… What a great way to start a new series! Colour me impressed! Ms. King certainly knows how to tell a great story- I was hooked right from word go. I will definitely be reading the rest of this series, that’s for sure!!! I wonder what she has in store for us.

Thank you, Ms. King!


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