Love Me, Dreamy (Love Me Series) by Laura Burton – Review by Erica Fish

Love Me, DreamyLove Me, Dreamy by Laura Burton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Even before I start my review, I want to express how great it was at the end of the blurb for the book there is the following note: “Note: No sex, swearing, HEA No animals are harmed in this book. As a parent of teenage daughters, I appreciated this note. I wish more YA authors would follow this example. Now that I have said that, I love this book. Love Me, Dreamy by Laura Burton is a paranormal romance. The story was engaging. I felt the need to keep turning the pages to find out what was the mystery around Toby and Amelia. Toby knows something and he cannot tell Amelia for fear of losing her. There are hurdles that Amelia goes through and by doing this could mean that Amelia will be unraveling. This story has secrets, chances, and a leap of faith. What will Toby and Amelia’s future holds for them? Will the mysteries be revealed? You will have read the story to find out.

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