Fools Rush In (Interstellar Rescue Series Book 3) by Donna S. Frelick- Review by Tausha Treadway

Fools Rush In (Interstellar Rescue, #3)Fools Rush In by Donna S. Frelick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fools Rush In (Interstellar Rescue Series Book 3) by Donna S. Frelick. This is the 3rd book in this series but it’s actually a prequel so it can be read as a standalone. I really enjoyed this book. Its the story of Interstellar Rescue “conductor” Rayna Carver who is deep undercover on a slave ship in space. Captain Sam Murphy is a space pirate with a love for saving slaver ships. Rayna has to try to convince Sam to help her continue her mission. When they meet sparks fly and chemistry is hot! This book is set mainly in Space where the others in this series are mainly on Earth which gives a whole new spin on things. Rayna is a very independent woman and has trouble asking for or taking help. There are tons of battles with both Rayna and Sam getting beat up but they seem to always help each other. Will Rayna and Sam save people from being taken from Earth to be used as Slaves in Space or will they end up battling each other to the point of losing the war. Will they take their relationship to the next level? Read Fools Rush In to find out!

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