SECRETS NEVER DIE by Laurie Lewis – Review by Kerry Carr

Secrets Never DieSecrets Never Die by Laurie L.C. Lewis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a great story about mystery and lies.

Tallie has lived with her mother Julia all her life. They have lived an isolated life and have moved around to different places. Tallie always felt something wasnt right but it was when her mum died suddenly and suspiciously that she started asking questions and uncovering secrets which has her not knowing who she really is.

Jackson James is a journalist whos career and reputation was ruined by a false story fed to him by someone. This person that appears with a job for him and a possible story to get him back into the big leagues of journalism. But can he be trusted.

Tallie’s and Jacksons lives become intwined as they both search of answers and are connected in ways they would never imagined.

Its a great page turner keeping you hooked from the beginning

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