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TanglesTangles by Sharleen Scott
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Tangles by Sharleen Scott is a little bit different to the other books of hers that I’ve read. I really loved ‘The Caught” series, so when I saw she had released this book, I was intrigued to see what it was all about. The blurb gives a tiny taste of what you can expect from this story. But it doesn’t convey how much heartbreak and emotion this story contains.
Alzheimer’s is a tough subject to write about, as there are so many people who are living it, and have felt the impact of this horrible disease- whether it’s being diagnosed personally or seeing a loved one succumb to it, Alzheimer’s leaves a huge impact.
This story is more than an Alzheimer’s story- it’s about family, secrets, discoveries, questions, truth, forgiveness, and understanding. Tangles follows Logan, who takes on the responsibility of caring for his mother after his father suddenly passes away- as she has Alzheimer’s. He faces many challenges and experiences many conflicting emotions as he grapples with their situation. But things are compounded when he discovers her old journals which cause him to question everything he thought he knew. What do the journals reveal? How does that affect Logan? What will he discover?
I loved Logan and his mother Lois- they are wonderful characters. I really felt for them both, but especially Logan. The story was really well written and felt very realistic, believable, and relatable. My emotions definitely got a workout with this story.
Looking forward to seeing what Ms. Scott does next.

Thank you, Ms. Scott!


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