Tangles by Sharleen Scott – Review by Jana Teppih

TanglesTangles by Sharleen Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tangles is a heart breaking story by Sharleen Scott. I had read her Caught series before picking up Tangles and even though the subject matter is so different, still you could feel the deep love for human relationships that the writer has and that I fell in love with when reading the Caught series.
The writer has tackled a sensitive subject matter with Tangles and what makes it even more remarkable and person is the fact that she wrote it while her own family was trying to come to terms and find their way with the diagnoses of Alzheimer themselves.
Tangles gives us the story of Logan McKinnon and his mother Louis who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when she was in her late sixties… The journey that Logan gets on, the loss of his father who took care of his mother for years before he passes, the way how “the plaques and tangles win …”
Logan finds his mother’s secret journals and that takes him on another journey that shakes him to his core and he needs to find his way to how to reconcile what he discovers and what he has known all his life AND he has no one to ask his questions as his dad is gone and his mother is also … gone … as she used to be …
I know that you will not regret picking up Tangles, simply be prepared to having your heart strings pulled so hard that you need a box of tissues at hand!

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