The Time Traveler’s Magic (Magic Bound Saga Book 1) by Anna Applegate – Review by Naomi McDonald

The Time Traveler's Magic (The Magic Bound Saga #1)The Time Traveler’s Magic by Anna Applegate
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Time Traveler’s Magic is the first book in the Magic Bound Saga.

This story is full of action that keeps you hooked. The characters are intriguing. I mean, a vampire pirate, what’s not to love!!! Writing time travel can be iffy, but this book pulls it off pretty well. Ember has a bit of personal growth to do, but then again, don’t we all. I think maybe the character flaws she has are what make her more relatable. Overall, I found the plot interesting. It made for an entertaining read. There are some things that in the book that brought up questions, but they will probably be answered in subsequent books.

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