Truck Stopped (Satan’s Devils MC #11) by Manda Mellett – Review by Jenni Bishop

Truck StoppedTruck Stopped by Manda Mellett
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Truck Stopped, Satan’s Devils #11, by Manda Mellett and the ending of a fantastic series. It is the eleventh book in the series and I feel as though they are family. This such an emotional read as we journey along with two unfortunate souls, where my heart ached for them. There were many, many, tears reading this story, which just goes to show how invested I was but more importantly what a wonderful job Manda has done in bringing these amazing characters to life. The story is in two parts, the present where Drummer and Peg sit and reminisce about things that have happened in the club, both good and bad and then the actual story of what they were remembering. Manda wove it together beautifully and the sorrow I felt was real as their story just popped off the pages.

Allie’s start to life was not the best and threw her into a world she never wanted, that was until a saviour crossed her path and offered her a better way of life. Little did she know that one night, just one night with a certain biker would change her life forever. If only he could get past her past.

Truck is both physically damaged and emotionally broken and he has forsaken everyone, even his brothers, and they want him back. When he finally opens his doors the one person he ever expected was her but she was only good for one thing. So why could he not get her out of his head?

The very ending has left it open for a brand new series to come to life and I will wait with baited breath to see if it happens. I am sorry to see the end of this chapter in the MC but hope we get to see their legacies bought to life.

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