Deadly Alliance (An Alliance Agency Novel – The Prequel) by Maddie Wade & India Kells – Review by Michelle King

Deadly Alliance: A Fortis/Purgatory Crossover NovelDeadly Alliance: A Fortis/Purgatory Crossover Novel by Maddie Wade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Maddie Wade and India Kells have both hooked a new reader! This is my first experience with these authors and they definitely did not disappoint! When I first read the title, I honestly didn’t know this was part of two other series of books. I will now be reading those separate series! But Deadly Alliance can be read as a standalone. This story is written flawlessly. It combines two elite Special Forces agencies in Fortis and Purgatory and travels from the US to the UK on a joint mission to catch a serial killer. The characters are spectacular and immediately draw you in to their lives. The connection between Shane and Emme…..whew! Turn the air up because it’s getting a bit hot in here!

This story is filled to the brim with twists and turns that you won’t see coming! Definitely a 5 star read that will keep you turning the pages! I can’t wait to read more from these authors! I’m looking forward to learning more about these characters and their worlds.

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