Spicetopia Boxed Set (Books 1-4) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Heather Bass

Spicetopia Boxed Set (Books #1-4)Spicetopia Boxed Set by Phoebe Alexander
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This is a collection of the first four boxes of the addictive series Spicetopia. This box set has Sugar and Spice, Virtue and Vice, Fire and Ice, and my favorite Naughty and Nice. I absolutely enjoyed every story. Once I started this series I could not stop. It only took me a few days to devour these books. I can’t wait to see what this author will write next.

Sugar and Spice
Cy Sweet is nothing like his family. When his dad tells him to go undercover to see who is orchestrating a strike against their theme park he does it. Cy is assigned to work in the cotton candy castle which is one of the most popular spots in the theme park. He learns quickly that Sweetopia is nothing but sweet. Cy is ready to blow his cover when he meets the beautiful queen of the land. He wants to get to know her but he knows he can’t let his family down. Will Cy find out who is behind it all and when he does what will he do?

Virtue and Vice
Moon and Katja are on a trip when they meet Cy and Jolie. They feel a connection from the start. Moon and Katja are tired of their dead end jobs. When Cy and Jolie give them an offer they can’t refuse they end up leaving their old life behind them. Moon and Katja also want to start a family but will they be able to with their new life? Also will they be able to trust the new coupe they just met?

Fire and Ice
Neve and Enya don’t get along at all. She calls him the iceman because he is so cold. After some scary things start to happen at Spicetopia they are pushed together to find out who is trying to sabotage the park. Enya starts to realize that Neve is not so cold after all. When they get to know each other that’s why the sparks fly. Will they be able to catch this crazy man or woman before someone close to them gets hurt?

Naughty and Nice
Natalie Roux is the event planner to the adult theme park Spicetopia. Her first major job is the owner’s wedding. Natalie is determined to make this the best holiday wedding ever. She is staying on task and getting things done but when she meets the minister that is doing the ceremony she feels something she has never felt before. Natalie gets to know Micah and she quickly realizes that they have a lot of things in common. She knows she has a job to do but there’s nothing wrong with getting a little naughty. Will Natalie make this wedding everything she wants it to be or will it all fall apart?
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