Toxic Blonde (A Johnny Delarosa Thriller Book 2) by David Stever – Review by Angela Hayes

Toxic Blonde: A Johnny Delarosa Thriller (The Delarosa Series Book 2)Toxic Blonde: A Johnny Delarosa Thriller by David Stever
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Meet Johnny Delarosa, ex-cop turned PI in this gripping thriller, Toxic Blonde, by David Stever. It is the second book in the Johnny Delarosa Thriller Series, but can be read as a standalone- having said that though, the first book is a great read and a fantastic introduction this series. I thought it would be hard to top the first book, but this one is even better, and now my firm favourite of the two.
This is a detective story with a great mystery, twists and turns, layers to reveal, thrilling developments, gripping tension- and plenty of suspense, drama, intrigue, and a superb cast of characters- with enough action to keep things moving along at a great pace. As with the first book, I was hooked from the start and devoured it in one sitting- as the story wouldn’t let me leave. I really needed to know how things would unfold and how it all played out in the end- and it was everything I had hoped for- and more. Then add a devious, cunning and brutal femme fatale, espionage, secrets, the Russian Mob, and the FBI- and feel the intensity level rise dramatically.
The story starts with Johnny taking on what he thinks will be a routine investigation into a cheating spouse- but soon discovers that there is so much more to the situation than he could have ever anticipated. Things take a dangerous turn, and Johnny will need to keep his wits about him. I won’t go into anymore detail, as I don’t want to spoil it for you- suffice to say that if you love a thrilling mystery, with intriguing characters and a gripping storyline- then you really should grab yourself a copy of Toxic Blonde.
Mike and Katie, who we’ve met previously- really round out the cast superbly. I love the dynamic between the characters. I also loved the addition of Eric to this story- I really hope he becomes a regular in the following books. The femme fatale was everything we were promised, and more. She’s quite a piece of work. Well thought out, and cleverly crafted!
I can’t wait to dive into book #3!

Thank you, Mr. Stever!


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