Fire & Ice (Spicetopia #3) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Karyn Taylor

Fire & Ice (Spicetopia #3)Fire & Ice by Phoebe Alexander
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Fire & Ice is the 3rd instalment in the sexy, erotic Spicetopia Series by Phoebe Alexander. This book can be read as a stand-alone although I’d recommend that you read books 1 and 2 first as it will give a better understanding of what Spicetopia is all about and how the idea for it was created.
In this book, Spicetopia (a theme park for adults) is getting ready to open when it becomes clear that someone is out to sabotage the park. Head of Security Neve Romano and Head of PR Enya Moore have to try find out what is going on and to stop word spreading. Unfortunately Neve and Enya do not get on with each other but when thrown together things become rather heated between the two.
I absolutely loved the interactions between the 2. They could not be any more different if they tried. Enya babbled and talked non-stop, whereas you were doing well if you got more than a few words out of Neve. Can Enya, who is fiery and full of life melt the Iceman?
In the 2nd book there is much emphasis on swinging, whereas in Fire & Ice there is much more emphasis on BDSM but in a monogamous relationship. Let’s just say that the sexy times in this book are smoking hot! You’ll be needing a fan or a cold shower to calm you down. Having read many books by Phoebe Alexander now I can say with much confidence that she writes a damn fantastic erotic story.
I’m looking forward to finding out what she has in store for us in the 4th book Naughty & Nice.

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