Hang On To Your Shirt Tails (Chasing Tails Book 2) by C.A. King – Review by Karyn Taylor

Hang On To Your Shirt Tails (Chasing Tails Book 2)Hang On To Your Shirt Tails by C.A. King
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In Hang On To Your Shirt Tails by C.A. King we see the return of Tails and Brodie in the 2nd book in the Chasing Tails series. This series is a great example of Good Vs Evil, with Tails and Brodie being the good guys fighting against evil, in the form of Zeus.
This is a very fast paced fantasy novel that is over all too quickly for me. I loved being reacquainted with Tails and Brodie and getting the next part of their story now that they have escaped from the evil Zeus and are bringing up their adopted children in a remote location to keep them safe. Much of this story is centred around 2 of their children, Eliza and George. Eliza is a typical teenager and hates being confined to their safe location so decides to run away. She soon realises that grass is not always greener on the other side as she puts herself and her family in great danger. George is approaching his teenage years and his body decided it’s time that he shifts for the first time, adding even more danger for the family.
I loved Tails and Brodie even more in this book as they try to do everything to protect all their adopted children and at the same time, try to expand their family with children of their own.
This book is not the end of the story and we are left with everyone in grave danger. Will Tails and Brodie be able to save the day? I can’t wait for the next book in this series to see what C.A. King has in store for Tails and Brodie and their children.

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