The Sound of Murder (Musical Murder Mystery Series) by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

The Sound of MurderThe Sound of Murder by K.L. Montgomery

The Sound of Murder is the first book in the Musical Murder Mystery series. It’s a spin off from another series by this author – Dangerous Curves. Panic at the Playhouse, the 8th Dangerous Curves book, introduces Ruby Ecco, who is the heroine of the Musical Murder Mystery series. You don’t have to have read Panic at the Playhouse to enjoy The Sound of Murder, but if you plan to read both I would recommend starting with the earlier book to avoid spoilers.
This is a very enjoyable read! If you can cope with having the songs from The Sound of Music going round your head relentlessly while you read it, you’ll get caught up in an intriguing case. After a castmate is found dead, Ruby is concerned local police aren’t taking the case seriously. She’s got plenty of clues (and a song she’s made up about them) but needs to piece these together to find out the truth.
I love musicals, and enjoy a cozy mystery. If you’re like me, this series will not disappoint! I would recommend reading in a setting where you won’t be embarrassed if you find yourself humming “Do-Re-Mi”…
The Sound of Murder gets a solid five stars from me, and I can’t wait to read West Side Murder when it comes out!

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