Irresistible At Christmas (Irresistible Romance Book 2) by Tamara Ferguson, Natalie Ann, Suzanne Jenkins, Cynthia Cooke, Alicia Street, Alyssa Bailey, Stephanie Queen, Patrice Wilton – Review by Jenni Bishop

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IRRESISTIBLE AT CHRISTMAS (Irresistible Romance Book 2) an Anthology is full of some of the great writers I have read before but I have also found myself some newbies as I was so impressed with their stories. Each story is different but each one evolves around Christmas. Some are sweet, some are fun and some are funny and some pull at your emotions and make you cry but they all involve romance in various degrees. This is a wonderful collaboration of works coming together to give us a most pleasurable read.

Two Hearts’ Christmas Gift by Tamara Ferguson is just great. I love her wounded warrior series and spin offs etc. Great read. A story of waiting for the right time for love to reconnect with the love of your life and settle in to the love and life you have wanted since a first kiss in a magical place.
Gifts Of Love by Natalie Ann is a lovely story of a man who has everything but someone by his side. Can he show her that he is more than his money? Will she get over her past hurt to let him in?

Charlie Saint by Suzanne Jenkins is a story about a man who almost loses his life and the woman who chooses to stick around but she needs to let go of a painful past in order to truly open her heart. Beautiful story.

Home For Christmas by Cynthia Cooke is a lovely but painful read where Melanie returns to Pineville to renovate her old home and face old memories. If only the contractor was not the one person she has believed responsible for turning her world upside down.

Keep Me Warm by Alicia Street tells the heart-warming story of a small-town girl who suddenly finds herself in love with the enemies. Can they really be in love? Will they truly turn it around to become the one/

Miss Christmas by Stephanie Queen is a fun story of Scarlet who scraps by on the best days and decides she wants to become the next Miss Christmas pageant. When a stranger walks into her life she can’t believe her luck but is she willing to give him all her heart. He decides that she is not the one for him, no matter what his heart says. Will he let go and realise just how good they can be together?

Christmas Con by Rachelle Ayala, tells the sad story of two people who have just met but become a lie to keep a grandfather happy for what will be his last Christmas. Bring the tissues.

Courage To Celebrate by Taylor Lee this is also a sad tale but also one of something precious out of so much torment. Luke and Ava are dealing with the loss of several people in their community and now their hope and dreams has decided to come about a little earlier than they thought.

Christmas Wish by Patrice Wilton is a wonderful story of a man who loves them and leaves them and apparently has foot and mouth disease when he is in the same place as Meghan the new woman in town. Meghan has just moved towns to be closer to the special school her young son needs but when faced with the man upstairs she begins to wonder if she needs some her time and whether or not it could be more. But she can’t be a one night stand and is he willing to have more?
This one made me laugh as well.

I love reading anthologies because you get a number of books in one shot and who doesn’t love stories about love, hot men and adorable women and Christmas!!

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