Singles and Other Singularities (The woman Scientist Trilogy 2 – The Italian Saga Book 8) by Gaia B Amman – Review by Katie Matthews

Singles...And Other SingularitiesSingles…And Other Singularities by Gaia B. Amman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I really enjoy reading stories by this author; she never fails to pull me into whatever I am reading. She has a really nice, relaxed writing style. I think because the subject of the story was so close to my heart I found I was really invested in what I was reading. I loved the humour side to the story it sliced through some of the more serious parts and really lifted what I was reading and made it more entertaining. I really like Leda so I was really looking forward to reading more about her, I admire her drive to succeed in her career but I also deep down really want her to find love and have a good work/life balance – I think she is genuinely a lovely person.
An entertaining story that I really enjoyed! As always I look forward to reading more from this author again in the future.

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