A Sun So Bright (Reigning Hearts Book Three) by KG Fletcher – Review by Angela Hayes

A Sun So Bright (Reigning Hearts, #3)A Sun So Bright by K.G. Fletcher
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5 Stars

A Sun So Bright is my new favourite book in the Reigning Hearts Series by the very talented K.G Fletcher. I know I always say this, but I really do love all Ms. Fletcher’s books, so I was really happy to find this had arrived on my Kindle- and I put everything else aside to read it.
This is a wonderful billionaire romance, with a twist. Because, in this story it’s the leading lady who is the billionaire, and her leading man is a hardworking guy from the suburbs, who is struggling to get by. Fiona has been very unlucky in love- the men in her social circle are either already in committed relationships, or too daunted by her incredible wealth to even approach her- while others are blatant Golddiggers. She’s tired of being alone, seeing her friends so happy in their relationships, and being the only single at any functions they attend. After a disastrous New Year’s Eve function, Fiona finds herself in an upscale bar just before the stroke of midnight. There she meets hunky barman Chris who immediately captures her attention. The many glasses of Champagne she’s imbibed make her bold enough to give him a New Year’s kiss when the clock strikes midnight. A kiss that has her mind swirling with possibilities. Chris could definitely be the answer to her social dilemma. And so, a ‘business’ deal is struck. I won’t go into any more detail, as I really don’t want to give too much away. Suffice to say that this book is worth the read to discover where this arrangement leads- and if these two can keep things strictly business. Or will they blur the lines of their arrangement? After all, their chemistry is intense, and Chris loves the challenge Fiona presents. He’s determined to strip away all the haughtiness and her icy demeanour, and uncover the real woman beneath the facade. While Fiona loves that Chris isn’t just sexy as sin- he’s attentive, caring, interesting, and makes her feel centred, calm, and happy. But coming from such vastly different backgrounds, and with such different lives- things aren’t going to be quite so easy. Add in a little danger and drama- and this story really wouldn’t let me put it down- reading it all in one sitting.
I really loved this story- and way more than I thought I would, especially since I really wasn’t sure I could come to like Fiona. She came across as a rich B*tch- a judgemental and materialistic snob who only cared about herself and her ‘image’. But as the story unfolded, I got to see that she was really hiding behind her money- using it to sooth away her unhappiness and loneliness. But it really wasn’t working. On the surface she appeared to have everything anyone could ever want or need- a life of luxury, an enviable lifestyle, lots of friends, a beautiful home, and everything available at her beck and call. But in reality, she was so very lost and alone. Only partway into the book I started really loving her. Now, Chris on the other hand was quite a swoon-worthy creation by Ms. Fletcher; completely charming, sweet, caring, kind, attentive, endearing- and OH SO SEXY!!! They really are perfect for each other- two different worlds colliding, and the sparks fly.
The story is completely captivating- romantic, touching, engaging, and memorable. Definitely my favourite of the series so far!!! I really can’t wait to see what she does next!!!

Thank you, Ms. Fletcher!


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