Landing the Lawman (Hills of Texas #5) by Kadie Scott – Review by Jana Teppih

Landing the Lawman (Hills of Texas, #5)Landing the Lawman by Kadie Scott
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Landing the Lawman is the fifth book in Kadie Scott’s Hills of Texas series. You can read it as a standalone but my personal preference when it comes to series is to read them in order as you will get so much more pleasure out of the reading by knowing the little bits and pieces of the background and repeat characters and …
Landing the Lawman gives the only Hill daughter – Carter Hill, the water rights consultants, and her biggest client Logan Cortez, a lawyer who has dedicated his life to helping small farms to protect their water supply! Carter has had to make some hard decisions in her life – needing to choose between the man she loves or following her dreams … she knows that following her dreams she would make a difference and being the only girl in the family of boys … anyone can imagine the pressure she has been putting on herself!
The writer gives us two people who teach each other about what is important in life while throwing them into some heated moments … you will be cheering with Carter when she is trying to show Logan that they are the two halves of a whole and you will be crossing your toes and fingers for one satisfying ending!

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