Tanuja Ramachandran: Hunter Seeker by Kumar Sivasubramanian – Review by Kerry Carr

Tanuja Ramachandran: Hunter-SeekerTanuja Ramachandran: Hunter-Seeker by Kumar Sivasubramanian
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow what a story. It has a mixture of everything from a trained assassin that falls asleep on the job, to a roller derby team with super strength and a monkey man.

Tanjua is a assassian with a difference, she falls asleep during an assignment. But she is good at her job. When she is sent on a mission to capture a criminal that she let escape after a last sleep episode her brother is added to keep an eye on her.

However things aren’t as straight forward as they seem. Added into the mix is a roller derby team and owner and a mad scientist building an army of Monkey Men.

Can she succeed in her mission to capture the person she needs to or will things and situations arise to stop her

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