The Fat Girl’s Guide to Loving Your Body by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Jennifer Gordon

The Fat Girl's Guide to Loving Your BodyThe Fat Girl’s Guide to Loving Your Body by K.L. Montgomery
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The Fat Girl’s Guide to Loving Your Body by K.L. Montgomery
5 +++ Stars
Wow, just Wow, I really felt like this book, this author was really talking straight too me! K.L. Montgomery who refers to herself as Krista in her book is a ‘Kindred Spirit’. This is definitely not just another self-help book, it is much more than that, if like the blurb says, “Do you wonder if you’ll ever be happy with your body? then I recommend this book.
It is written in the first person almost as though Krista is talking to you personally, just chatting as friends as it has a casual feel to the writing which I liked and felt was right for this book. The book is divided into bite size chapters with clear headings and each one deals with a particular subject at the end of each chapter is a journaling assignment for the reader to work on.
Krista introduces us to ‘Journaling’ in an early chapter and this is what makes this book unique, as it is gives the book an interactive feel and gets us, as the reader involved and thinking about our own experiences and how we can change for the better. Krista is very clear throughout the book that, “it’s indeed your mind that needs to change, not your body”. “IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO BE PRETTY” is another saying which is repeated throughout the book. She reaffirms her positive sayings throughout the book.
Krista talks us through ‘deprogramming’ in one chapter and she introduces us to ‘Body Positivity or ‘BoPo’ as she refers to it. I love the fact that Krista is honest and talks openly about her own experiences which made me feel as though I was not alone in my thinking and that someone felt the same, this kept me engaged in the book from beginning to end and I read it in hours not days.
I have also referred back to certain chapters and feel that having read it cover to cover the use of easily identified chapters means the parts that are specific to you, you can refer back to. I love the fact that at then end you can download and print a certificate to, “remind yourself of your commitment to loving your body”. You can also join Krista’s ‘Fat Girl Tribe’, on Facebook and the book ends with a section of daily ‘BoPo’ Meditations which enables the reader to continue their journey, each day has an affirmation to be read and reflected on.
As Krista observes at the end of her book, changing ones mindset and learning to love your body is not an overnight thing. The, “meditations are meant to keep your focus on all things body positive”. I could go on raving about this book for hours but really you need to read it for yourselves to understand how inspirational Krista is and how her advice in this book can really help you.
Therefore I can not recommend this book highly enough, a definite must read for anyone wanting to achieve a more positive body image!
So if as the blurb says, “Have you ever struggled to love your body? then yes I definitely agree that, “YES “YOU NEED THIS BOOK. NOW”!

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