Cade (Default Distraction #3) by A.S. Roberts – Review by Sara Oxton

Cade (Default Distraction Book 3)Cade by A.S. Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cade by A.S. Roberts a five-star read that beats to its own drum, a drum beat that will make your heartbeat faster. This is number three in the Default Distraction series and they just go from tempo to tempo building the music in your heart. I have loved this series so hard, I love reading but it doesn’t always blend into my real life, I usually keep it separate but every time I wear my DD hoodie I get asked about the band and I explain that they make music that makes your heart sing and when people ask will I have heard of them and I explain only if you read a brilliant book, they look at me funny but I don’t care my love is so great. Cade Morello could have anything he desires and his band mates know that, they know his family and his tastes so you can see why his choices would make for difficult decisions as we all know family make us think twice especially when it may break the family we have built for ourselves. I loved this one, it really sucked you in, I didn’t think I could love anyone harder than Raff, but the tattooed bad boy that is Mr Morello well, he just created a new heartbeat for me to go by. I love the dynamics of this one and the underlying stories that needed to be heard to get the full picture and I love how you et just enough information to know what is happening but not enough to know everything. Well done on a fantabulous read.

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