Devil’s Spawn (Satan’s Devils MC Colorado Chapter #6) by Manda Mellett – Review by Angela Hayes

Devil's Spawn (Satan's Devils MC Colorado Chapter #6)Devil’s Spawn by Manda Mellett
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Devil’s Spawn is the sixth book in the Satan’s Devils MC Colorado Chapter by Manda Mellett. I love all the books in the Satan’s Devils series, including this ‘spin-off’ series- the ‘Colorado Chapter’. Ms. Mellett knows how to weave an engrossing tale- and this story certainly doesn’t disappoint. This book is the perfect example of everything I love about this series and Ms. Mellett’s writing- emotive, heartbreaking, dramatic, heartfelt, and so sexy. Then add Ms. Mellett’s wonderful characters, and her stories really take flight.
She has given us so many great MC stories lately- one would think that she might lose momentum, or things would start to stale or stall within the series, but that’s definitely not the case here as she’s definitely got her recipe right- bringing us one fantastic story then topping it with another even better one. Each new edition holds the promise of a heartfelt and original read- one I am only too happy to explore.
I really don’t want to spoil it for you, and the blurb does a great job of letting you know what to expect without giving anything away. There are some sensitive issues portrayed in the story, but Ms. Mellett handles them thoughtfully and honestly- giving her story much realism and believability!
Emotional and Brilliant!

Thank you, Ms. Mellett!


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