Devil’s Spawn (Satan’s Devils MC Colorado Chapter #6) by Manda Mellett – Review by Jenni Bishop

Devil's Spawn (Satan's Devils MC Colorado Chapter #6)Devil’s Spawn by Manda Mellett
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Devil’s Spawn: Satan’s Devils MC Colorado Chapter #6 by Manda Mellett is a great unique story. I have loved every book I have read by Manda but this one tops them all. It is a very emotional read and tells the story of two of the MC members at the same time. The MC brothers are people I would want in my life and that is because Manda writes them like they are real people who pop off the page. These are alpha men who love deeply and protect what is theirs fiercely.

Lizard has everything he has always wanted, great brothers, freedom to do as he pleases and a job he loves, plus his choice of club women as he wants. However, a twist of fate shows what he has been truly missing and leaves him broken for what he has done.

Mace can’t help his protective nature when a broken and battered woman and child comes into the limelight. What he never wanted is right in front of him. Not only that but is he losing his best friend? What he and the club come to find is that things are not always as they seem and helping could cost them everything when try to help one of their own battle his demons after his mind is broken.

I know one day this series will end but I am not ready for it. I truly love this series and the associated series.

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