How Could I Forget (Plentiful in Love Book 1) by N.D. Jackson – Review by Tausha Treadway

How Could I ForgetHow Could I Forget by N.D. Jackson
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How Could I Forget (Plentiful in Love Book 1) by N.D. Jackson. This is the story of Kayla and Dan who had one night of passion but neither one of them ever forgot it. Once they graduated and moved on with their lives they thought of each other often but never saw each other again until he found her. Kayla was bubbly, sweet, gorgeous and amazing, Dan was smart, shy and quiet just the opposite and they both had crushes on each other that neither of them knew about. Until that one night and the chemistry was crazy between them. When Kayla moves and finds Dan in the same small town they are both excited. Dan had almost lost hope on ever seeing Kayla again so he is hopeful for a future with them. Read How Could I Forget to find out if Kayla and Dan make it!

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