IRRESISTIBLE VALENTINE (Irresistible Romance Book 3) Anthology – Review by Jana Teppih

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Irresistible Valentine is pages and pages and hours upon hours of goodness aka it is the third instalment in the Irresistible Romance anthology series and is filled with Valentine stories by nine amazing writers – Tamara Ferguson, Natalie Ann, Suzanne Jenkins, Cynthia Cooke, Alicia Street, Jacquie Bigger, Stacy Eaton, Susan Jean Ricci and Patrice Wilton. I love anthologies as they give you a sample of multiple writers so it is a great way of discovering new writers! This is how I had already found quite a few of the writers who contributed to this anthology.
I will share my review for Tamara Ferguson’s Two Hearts’ Reconnaissance – she is my absolute favorite writer out of all nine writers here! I think I have read every single story she has written and I have not encountered anything that I would not love! Two Hearts’’ Reconnaissance is part of her Two Hearts Wounded Warrior romance series and it is the 13th!!!!!! instalment! (can you just imagine all the goodness you have to look forward to if this is your first encounter with her!) As you can imagine from the title of the series then the stories have a very serious subject matter but I promise you, they are filled with hope and we always get our happy ending!
Two Hearts’ Reconnaissance gives us Eva Loughlin and Harry Giordano who has survived a lot! (Have a box of tissues at hand! You will need it from the start!) There is this amazing connection between them since the moment they met when they were just kids! Life takes them into different directions and as it is with living, there are ups and downs and thorough it all we keep our fingers crossed for a chance for them to find a way back to each other! I also loved learning more about some of the characters that I have read about in the other stories.
There were three writers in the anthology that were new for me and it was Jacquie Biggar’s story the Player that took the cherry! I love sports stories (especially hockey ones) and Jacquie gives us Roy who gets sidelined from NHL thanks to his stalker ex so he ends up needing some little help from a PA Patience … so you can imagine the good laughs and antics and aww moments she mixed up for us and to be frank, I think the story would have deserved to be longer! I for sure will keep my eyes open for more by Jacquie!

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