Descendants of Time and Death (The Gods’ Scion) by Winnifred Tataw – Review by Joanne Ellis

Descendants of Time and Death ( The Gods' Scion, #2)Descendants of Time and Death by Winnifred Tataw
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It has been a year since the Reign of Ryton, the Demon king, came to a dramatic end. Leaving Rodrick to face the burdens, yet this time he is not alone.
After foreseeing all the massive deaths on the horizon, Lady Death seeks out the twenty year old prince’s aid in stopping what seems like an unavoidable war.

Roderick agrees to take on this mammoth task with the help of his brother Rayden, which is also his companion, the princess Arcelia and the Queen Riva for support.
But they are in for a fierce ride when they meet a tyrant and a terrorist fighting for control of a country that has suffered under their father’s reign. And here they will find betrayal and intrigue, where secrets are revealed, promises broken and trust is questioned.

What a wonderful book, it had me gripped from the beginning and the story was brilliantly addictive. The characters within the story are very unique, creating a setting that is woven beautifully within the magical and fantasy elements, but a lot of detail has been put into this, which makes it even more interesting. I loved the relationship of the brothers, you see them going through every emotion trying to stop this war, and it certainly does put their relationship to the test.

I would 100% recommend this book, it has action, fantasy, magic, betrayal’s and secrets. It has you gripped from the very beginning.

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