Indebted to the Vampires (The House of Durand Book 1) by Erin Bedford – Review by Tausha Treadway

Indebted to the VampiresIndebted to the Vampires by Erin R. Bedford
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Indebted to the Vampires (The House of Durand Book 1) by Erin Bedford. This is a fun, snarky read. Its the story of Piper who has lost her cushy job and is living in her car. She is on the last job interview with the temp agency so she has to make a good impression and boy does she. While at the interview she breaks a priceless vase. How can her life get any worse. She takes the job of being a maid to 6 hunky brothers but she doesn’t know that these hunky brothers are VAMPIRES! Piper is snarky, sarcastic and not afraid of anything but these brothers are weird. She is attracted to them all and the sexual tension oozes off the pages. The brothers are determined to keep their secret and they are not afraid to do anything to keep it. Will Piper be able to keep her job and more importantly her life? Read Indebted to the Vampires to find out!

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