Romance in Rehoboth Boxed Set (Books 4-6): A Small Town Romantic Comedy Series by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Karyn Taylor

Romance In Rehoboth Boxed Set:Books 4-6 contains the 3 full length novels which make up books 4-6 of the Romance In Rehoboth series by K.L. Montgomery. These books are:
Badge Bunny (book 4) – cop meets ER doc and boy do they bump heads.
Wedding War (book 5) – two rival families trying to save wedding businesses.
Stage Mom (book 6) – a single mom with a daughter meets a nice guy.
These and the first 3 books can all be read as standalones but there are connected characters that appear in several of the books but this will not prevent you from reading them as standalones. I had read book 4 long before reading any of the others and it didn’t spoil anything for me.
A feature of these books, like the 3 before them is that K.L. Montgomery does not shy away from having characters that others writer would not use. In books 5 & 6, 2 of the lead characters are from BAME and book 6 centres around a child with Downs Syndrome. I do love that K.L. Montgomery uses characters that are more realistic to everyday life and are therefore much more relatable to the reader.
Another great selling point of these books is the humour they contain. All of the books in the series are comedies and provide a great deal of humour for the reader. There are many situations throughout all of the books where the main characters get themselves into some very funny situations.
All in all, this is a really great box set and all 3 books are 5 star reads which I really recommend to other readers.

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