Arrows Tipped with Honey (Natural Forces Book 2) by Jean Gill – Review by TaKeisha McCroskey

Arrows Tipped with Honey (Natural Forces #2)Arrows Tipped with Honey by Jean Gill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

While I could follow the story line as I began reading Arrows Tipped with Honey, I had so many questions about Mielitta’s character and what caused the current status at the beginning of the book. As a result, I quickly grabbed the first book (Queen of the Warrior Bees) in this series and dived into this world. I am glad I did. I found the character and “universe” development from the first book to provide a deeper appreciation and understanding of what was transpiring in Arrows Tipped with Honey. Throughout Arrows Tipped with Honey, the author did a superb job at developing the characters further and making them so complex that you feel you are right there with them in the midst of the action. While many questions you had from the first book are answered in this book, Arrows Tipped with Honey gives you many more questions and leaves you begging for another book to follow. You must grab Queen of the Warrior Bees (Book 1) and Arrows Tipped with Honey (Book 2) today (with a cup of coffee) and plan to not leave your reading spot for a long while.

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