Designing Love (The Calderone Family Romance Series Book 3) by Victoria Grant – Review by Laura Furuta

Designing Love (The Calderone Family Romance Book 3)Designing Love by Victoria Grant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Designing Love (The Calderone Family Romance Series Book 3)
By Victoria Grant
5 out of 5 stars

I loved reading the book Designing Love (The Calderone Family Romance Series Book 3) by Victoria Grant. It is a story that pulled me in from the beginning and didn’t let me go until the final page. I loved the characters of Caroline Winters and Charles Calderone. Caroline is intelligent, independent, and strong. She is determined to be the best at her job and that includes being the lead designer for the Calderone Industries office complex. She also has a no relationship rule. Meeting Charles has her rethinking that rule. Charles is a man who works for the family business. He is finding it hard to concentrate on the new complex, all he can seem to think about is Caroline. Sparks fly when they are in the same room. What does the future hold for Caroline and Charles? Will they successfully finish the office project? Will they end up falling in love? Read this book to find out. This is a story that had my emotions going up and down. I enjoyed reading about the bantering that goes back and forth between Charles and Caroline as well as the other additional characters that are introduced. I found myself caring about what happens to Caroline and Charles and wanted them to find happiness. I loved that Caroline is feisty and sassy and that Charles is someone who wants their relationship to work. Don’t miss out on an amazing story with wonderful characters. I highly recommend reading this book.

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