Hero High: The Figure In Flames by Mina Chara – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur

Figure in the Flames (Hero High, #1-3)Figure in the Flames by Mina Chara
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Friday Fitzsimmons is a 17 year old girl going to a new school, but she is no ordinary girl, she has superpowers and she is about to start Hero High in Icon City.

We meet Friday as she is flying to Icon City, so that she can support her family back home. Friday is anxious and shy, but is determined not to let them down. She arrives and is thrown straight into the glamour and all encompassing life that being a student at Hero High entails. There are reporters, photographers and video cameras ready to beam her student life to the world through their own reality TV show.
She and the other students are tested, grouped and placed with a mentor, before finally getting to meet the head teacher and see where they are going to live for the foreseeable future.
As Friday and the other students get used to their new life, as well as the rules, disappointments, advantages and disadvantages that come with it, they develop as people and have experiences they could never have dreamed of before this all started.
We follow Fridays adventures in this trilogy as she gets to grips with her new life, friends, classes and powers, as well as the life that comes with them.

The book starts as an interview with Friday and this style is intermittently dispersed throughout the book, where we learn tidbits that cannot be explained within the storyline. We meet and learn about the characters she comes into contact with and how all these relationships develop. This is done extremely well and keeps you guessing right up until the end.
It is an easy to follow story and flows very well, the “interview” sections do not disrupt this too much and do add to the story.
Various themes are explored throughout the story and deal with the emotional conflicts and turmoil that come along with these themes.It is a complex and engaging story that leaves you wanting more at the end and is a series that I want to finish.

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