How (Stalker Series Book 3) by Megan Mitcham – Review by Faith Jackson

How (Stalker Series, 3)How by Megan Mitcham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When a crime scene photo breaks the Internet, an admirer turns pursuer, but how far will one FBI proxy go to rescue her loved ones.
FBI Special Agent Libby Irish seeks validation by outsmarting her male counterparts on the job. After unraveling a weapons ring, she finally believes she’s gonna get her due. That is until a revealing picture of her in front of the arsenal goes viral and she’s under the media’s radar but puts her as a joke to her fellow coworkers. If that’s not enough, Libby is receiving random letters from a secret admirer, an untamed cat attacked her plus someone has been sneaking into her house repositioning everything in there. That’s enough to make any girl go insane.
All the while speculates her gorgeous but lunatic of a next door neighbor. When devastation hits his home, he lends a helping hand to help the agent find her pursuer but she winds up seeing there’s more to her neighbor than meets the eye. Once the stalker becomes more audacious, the two must work diligently to destroy him before it takes a dangerous turn.
This book will most definitely keep you on your toes with the twists, turns and unexpected plus romance along the way. This is the third of this standalone series that will keep you hooked on this mysterious collection. I say collection because none of these books leave you without wanting more. Great reads, every single one because you can’t pick up one without starting another.

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