Life’s a Witch (New Orleans Nocturnes Book 3) by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Jana Teppih

Life's a Witch (New Orleans Nocturnes, #3)Life’s a Witch by Carrie Pulkinen
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Life’s a Witch is the third book in Carrie Pulkinen’s paranormal series called New Orleans Nocturnes. Obviously we are strolling in NOLA among the supernatural and the way this story goes we go to the hell and back!
Life’s a Witch is the story of Crimson Oliver, a witch who fails at every single spell she has ever tried (as we learnt in book two), and Mike Cortez, hotter-than-hellfire recovering demon, devil’s advocate to make all your dreams to come true … so I guess you can already guess what is going to happen and knowing that every single one of Crimson’s spell goes wrong then why would this ‘dreams come true’ go right?
Carrie is bringing Jane and Sophie along on a ride that Crimson is taking in the Big Easy with a detour to hell and facing the High Priestess in a showdown of magic so there is no boring moment here and I truly hope that this is not the end to the series though we have had vampires, werewolves, demons, witches so who are we missing? Oh yeah, faeries so here you go, there is more of the supernatural world to come lay havoc on New Orleans!

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