A Book Signing To Die For: Beach Reads by Judy Moore – Review by Angela Hayes

A Book Signing To Die ForA Book Signing To Die For by Judy Moore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


A Book Signing to Die For: Beach Reads is a fabulous cosy mystery by Judy Moore. I have read many of Ms. Moore’s books now- so I know what I’m in for with one of her stories. I really enjoy a great mystery, and this definitely fits that bill and is one of my favourite reads of hers.
Jumping into the story, there’s interesting and somewhat quirky characters, murder, intriguing mystery, danger, suspense, drama, discovery, and some surprising developments. And as usual with one of Judy Moore’s books I spent much of the time trying to predict the outcome before anything was revealed. But Ms. Moore once again twisted and turned the plot and kept me guessing the whole way through.
‘A Book Signing to Die For’ is an incredibly detailed, descriptive, and really well-woven. Ms. Moore had no problem building the suspense and tension- and had me anticipating what was yet to come.
I loved the bookstore setting, it really added to the atmosphere of the whole story. I’m pretty sure we met some of these characters in one of Ms. Moore’s previous books- ‘Somebody in the Neighborhood’.
I wonder what Judy Moore has planned for us next?

Thank you, Judy Moore!


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