A Book Signing To Die For: Beach Reads by Judy Moore – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

A Book Signing To Die ForA Book Signing To Die For by Judy Moore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Book Signing to Die For is a cosy mystery book by Judy Moore. If you’re not sure what a cosy mystery is, you’re in luck because protagonist Becca tells us in chapter five as “kind of a Hallmark version of a mystery – no swearing, no extreme violence, and definitely G-rated”. A Book Signing to Die For definitely fits the bill, centring around a bookshop/café in a quaint seaside location with a book loving protagonist and a handsome detective. If you’re after something comfortably engaging, this is the book for you!
I particularly liked the cast of characters (human and animal!). At the outset, some seem a little two-dimensional and stereotypical (the sister who hates books and is obsessed with boys, for example) but over the course of the story they are fleshed out and developed. Miss Alice is one of my favourites, with her stern and driven attitude towards business and the soft side that we glimpse every now and then.
The setting, and the book signing event that gets the story going, will appeal to fans of mystery books, so it’s definitely a likeable book! And a holiday to Florida, even if only on the pages of a book, is a welcome escape for anyone stuck somewhere cold, rainy and far from the sea.
For me, this is a four-star book. A great comfort read, and an intriguing mystery!

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