Forgotten Chance: Book Three (The Forgotten Trilogy) by Virginia Wine – Review by Jana Teppih

Forgotten Chance: Book Three (Forgotten Trilogy)Forgotten Chance: Book Three by Virginia Wine
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Forgotten Chance is the conclusion of Virginia Wine’s Forgotten Trilogy. You do need to read the trilogy in order as every book builds upon the previous one. I started with this third one and I have to say that I was lost at times and I am sure I would have gotten more out of it if I had read the first two books to start with! I have read Virigina’s Surviving series so I knew that I need to prepare for an emotional rollercoaster.
Forgotten Trilogy is Bryer and Nathan’s story and at the opening of the book it seems as if they have everything on track and Bryer is busy with organizing the wedding and … then there is a blast from the past, Cash is like a bad penny that turns up again and again … or like a pebble in your shoe that you thought you threw out and when you pull the shoes on, it is there, again …
Let’s agree that Cash is the villain that everyone hates, at the same time he also offers a canvas against which we can see the true depth of Bryer and Nathan’s relationship … it is that ‘I have experienced and do not want to experience again and therefore know that what I have is great’ so he will provide us all kind of ups and downs and we will appreciate it all much more in the end. AND let’s not forget about Bryer’s best friend Gen, Virginia gives us an extra bonus with her journey to love!

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