Forgotten Chance: Book Three (The Forgotten Trilogy) by Virginia Wine – Review by Karyn Taylor

Forgotten Chance: Book Three (Forgotten Trilogy)Forgotten Chance: Book Three by Virginia Wine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Forgotten Chance is the thrilling final instalment in the Forgotten Trilogy by Virginia Wine. I have been gripped by Bryer and Nathan’s story so far and was excited to see how their story concluded. Virginia Wine truly saved the best till last. I absolutely loved this third and final book in the series.
Nathan and Bryer have declared their love for each other and are now planning their wedding. As devoted as they are to each other, Bryer’s ex Cash is determined to split the couple up. As the book progresses we learn that there’s more to it than just wanting Bryer back.
This book will take you on a twisting and turning journey with many surprises along the way that you are not expecting. It’s fast paced and full of drama and will keep you gripped.
I also loved that we get more of the love/hate relationship between Bryer’s best friend Gen and Nathan’s best friend Clayton. The interactions between them added a great comedy element to the books.
Added to that, the addition of a few characters from Virginia Wine’s Surviving Series was an added bonus. These were the books that first introduced me to this author and it was great to see them again.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and the series as a whole and would 100% recommend it.

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