Spring’s Calling: A Seasons of Magic Urban Fantasy Novel by Sarah Biglow – Review by Anantha Rusum

Spring's Calling (Seasons of Magic, #1)Spring’s Calling by Sarah Biglow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Spring’s calling is an urban fantasy novel which revolves around a cop, Ezri Trenton, who has magical capabilities. Unfortunately, she struggles alone to train herself to a control these magical powers and hurts herself in the process of self-training. Her mother’s mysterious death circumstances forbid her to approach the Authority, the council of magicians who govern the city.
Ezri wanders away alone from her family and her childhood friends. She trains hard and becomes a law enforcement officer. On the first case, Ezri is paired up with another officer to investigate a murder which has occurred in the public gardens. The moment Ezri reaches the murder scene, she senses strong magic in action. Within no time, she figures out that there are dark magical forces involved in this murder.
But things move at a faster pace than expected. Within three days, four innocent people are murdered at different parts of the city at public places. The evil is at large and the cops are running out of time and resources. FBI takes over the investigation, which makes the matters further complicated.
In parallel, runs an ancient prophecy that the world will see a savior combat a powerful evil magic which is destined to happen during the Equinox. Everyone is convinced that Ezri is the savior. With Equinox only few days around the corner and a serial killer at large, Ezri is forced to approach the Authority for assistance. Will the Authority help her solve the mystery? Will Ezri stop the evil magic force from rising?
This forms the crux of the story.
When I started reading the novel, I did not expect the story to be even half interesting as it turned out to be. I found myself turning the pages back to reread what I had read before to connect the pieces together. It’s a very engaging book, brimming with interesting characters.
It requires a lot of creative imagination to hold a reader’s attention in a fantasy book. The author has done a brilliant job constructing the different magical elements in the book. The characters are in plenty, there are lots of twists and turns and each and every page is captivating.
There is only one flaw I could find with this book, that it was easy to guess the antagonist of the book. It would have been really thrilling had the evil force been a very close ally to Esri and had moved in very close quarters with Ezri all along.
Nevertheless, it was a very enjoyable book to read, I look forward to the sequels.

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