The Labyrinthine Journey (Servant of the Gods Book 2) by Luciana Cavallaro – Review by TaKeisha McCroskey

The Labyrinthine Journey (Servant of the Gods, #2)The Labyrinthine Journey by Luciana Cavallaro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“The Labyrinthine Journey” was an interesting read. The most notable feature of this book, to me, is that it is an intense, high-action book. It is often hard to find a “good stopping point” for the night, due to the constant action (which let’s face it… no one is complaining about that). In the beginning, I was little lost since I did not read the first book in this series prior to this one. However, I will say the author did a good job “filling-in the blanks” as the story progressed. Given this, once I got into the flow of the story, I easily saw how this can be a stand-alone book. I originally suspected this to be a Percy Jackson twist, but to my surprise, it had a very unique plot to the reason for collecting the god-saving relics which Evan (the main character) was seeking. I have never been great at history, but from what I remember, it seems the author is well-learned on topics involving Ancient Greece and Greek mythology. I would recommend this book to any historical fiction fan.

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