Being Lost (Satan’s Devils MC San Diego #1) by Manda Mellett – Review by Chantelle Smith

Being Lost (Satan's Devils MC San Diego #1)Being Lost by Manda Mellett
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OMG! Once again when I thought Manda Mellett couldn’t do it again, she does and my oh my does she do it well!
Every book I read by this author just gets better and better, and this one is no different. I love that coming from one set of books she can spin-off and create other series, and you don’t feel like the stories are being stretched too far!

Each character she brings us, whether we meet them in a previous read or they are a new character to us they are all refreshing, and you can’t help but love each character. Lost’s story is no different. This read really got me. Pasts play a big part in this read for both our main characters and really influences how their present plays out. Like many of our reads from Manda Mellett, we get romance, action, adventure, danger, suspense. Brothers that never back down and always have your back, no matter what! Each book casts you into this storyline and really feels real, and makes you really believe you are there alongside the characters.

I love the pace of this read, you are never lacking in anything which makes it even harder to put the read down! With Lost’s and Patsy’s read giving up an incredible start to a new series I can’t wait to see where else this chapter takes us!

This is a book not to be missed!
This is a series not to be missed or an author to be ignored!
I loved every second of this read and you will to!
I highly recommend this read!

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