Better Than Goodbye (Venture Book 1) by Kinney Scott – Review by Lisa Helmick

Better Than Goodbye (Venture Book 1)Better Than Goodbye by Kinney Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

started this out wondering if I would like this book after reading the first few chapters. Well after finishing it I can say I loved it and the characters. These two have such feelings for each other that it just sparks off the pages whenever they are together. As I was going through this book I could really see these two growing up and becoming more mature as the book went on. It was nice seeing them change and improve.

While the main characters were my focus. I couldn’t get past a few of the secondary characters. Babette was a fun add. I loved her no holds barred personality. Duncan and Sig were nice and added to the Venture side of things. I Love how the title was worked into the story multiple times.

Overall it is a great story and I really fell for the characters. I would suggest in the beginning putting ages, years or months at the beginning of the chapters so the reader knows the time change. Also just keeping an eye on the timeline. It seems to vary a couple times. I did greatly enjoy this and thought about them even after I was finished. I look forward to the next one….hopefully Babette and Duncan get a story.

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